Turkish Embassy Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims

Cakarta Büyükelçiliği 14.02.2023

The two devastating earthquakes which hit 10 major cities in the southeastern regions of Türkiye on 6 February 2023, resulted in heavy casualties and directly affected 15 million people, leaving most without a shelter, under the freezing winter conditions.

With a view to supporting the surviving victims of this unprecedented disaster, the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Jakarta has set up an earthquake relief bank account.

In this context, we kindly ask our dear friends, brothers and sisters to disseminate the below mentioned bank account, as widely as possible.

Bank Mandiri

Turkish Embassy Relief Fund

IDR: 0700010876014

USD: 0700010876055


We take this opportunity to present our sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support of the international community, since the onset of the earthquake.

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